Ah! non credea mirarti from La Sonnambula (Bellini).

Excerpts from Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)

Candis' Song from GrandMother (Esmeralda Conde Ruiz), 2018.

Glottermohn (Undine aber sang, Norbert Laufer, 1998-99), 2020.



we will part (2019)
and holy balms (2018)

Ruby Nightingale has an unforgettable voice — hypnotic and warm, articulate as it unravels into long, clear tones of gently wavering vibrato...Going forward, technology will play an important role in how Nightingale's music evolves... Using a loop pedal, Nightingale improvised contrapuntal lines...They moved largely in parallel motion, enveloping the room, their presence almost physical.

-The Hartford Courant: Ruby Nightingale's Melodic, Mournful Vibrato Provokes A Fragile Intimacy

Though the track’s heart is based around Nightingale’s gently plucked guitar and operatic vocals... the ambient swirls that color the track give it a stunning depth. The sweeping noises in the background allow other instruments to dart into the song, retreating just as quickly as they came, enabling Nightingale to create a haunting world that’s all her own.

-The A.V. Club

Very evident in this new single are her infectious harmonies, vibrant instrumentation, and heart string-tugging lyricism that all bring to us a feeling of serenity and nostalgia for home or places that resemble similar memories. 

-Under The Gun



Here you come again score copy.jpg

Here you come again (Dolly Parton) for solo voice and loop pedal.

Ma Rendi - Ruby Nightingale 1.jpg
Ma Rendi - Ruby Nightingale 2.jpg

Ma rendi pur contento (Bellini) for solo voice.

if you can hear me- Ruby Nightingale.jpg
If you can hear me - Abstract- Ruby Nigh

If you can hear me (Improvisation for solo voice and chosen objects) and Abstract for Trinity Laban Conservatoire MMus. Personal Project: A practical investigation into the relationship between experimental vocal music and performance art (1950–1980) with particular reference to Carolee Schneemann and Yoko Ono. Contact to read/see/hear more.